Saturday, 16 April 2011

First Kurdish Woman Climbs Himalaya

Her self-confidence and love of work proved to be more powerful than the discouraging force of the snowy weather and rugged Himalaya range last month.

On July 23, Bayana Fazili, an Iranian Kurd, became the first Kurdish lady to climb Nun peak, 7,135 meters high- the highest peak in the part of the Himalayan range lying on the Indian side of the Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir.
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Baya Fzili, 23, is the first Kurd to climb Himalaya. 
Fazili first started climbing in 2000 with the Iranian mountains. The first mountain she went up was Sablakh Mountains in the Kurdish region of Iran. Fazili said that climbing Himalaya was a dream dating back to the early years of her life.

She has been a member of Hawraz Climbers Group in her country since 2004.

Her dream to hike Himalaya was finally made possible with the opening of a race in Tehran in 2009 for the Iranian climbers. The first winners were awarded to hike the highest range of the world.

"Himalaya committee of Mountaineering and Sport Climbing Council of Tehran picked up 7 men and 6 women after a long selection process among 40 male and 20 female members,” said Kaveh Kashefi, head of the Mountaineering and Sport Climbing Council of Tehran (KSCCT) in an interview published the

"Out of 50 women, only four including me won the race," Fazili said.

"We are the first Iranian team to safely climb this mountain.”

Of 13 Iranian hikers, only seven people managed to climb the mountain in 15-20 days.

"It was all snow. Very very cold. The temperature was minus 50-55 degree. We were forced to stay for two nights on the second camp," Fazili described how she had felt on the mountain.

Amid a warm welcome at home, she said she was “very proud to be the first Kurd” to hike Himalaya.

History of Iranian mountaineers’ attempt in the Indian side of Himalaya, goes back to 1990. Mohammad Davoudi was the first Iranian to get to the summit of White Needle (6600m) and Kun (7077) in 1990.

By Mustafa Chawrtayi
Source: Rudaw

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